Senior Living for Myself

The right senior living option to fit your needs

Where to Begin: Senior Living for Myself

Transitioning to a senior living community is a big adjustment. You and your family are bound to have questions come up during your decision-making process.

  • When is it time for senior living?
  • Will I enjoy living in a community?
  • Can I afford to make this transition now?

These are all of the right questions to ask. Together, let’s dive into the answers so you have  the information you need to make the best decision.

Doing the Research

At this point in your journey, you likely have many questions about recurring costs, care options, and even if senior living is right for you. Start with the most basic questions to determine whether or not you need to move forward with comparing senior living communities.

Is Senior Living Right for Me?

If you’re struggling to keep pace with household chores or self-care tasks, it might be time for a senior living community. However, needing care isn’t the only signal that senior living is right for you. If you also crave a maintenance-free way of living, opportunities to meet new people, and amenities that make life more enjoyable, a senior living community is ideal. Many of our residents say they wish that they had made the move earlier!

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elderly couple enjoying life while deciding on senior living options for themselves

Financial Planning for Senior Living

Cost is a huge consideration when it comes to senior living. It’s important to understand how senior living pricing works and what’s included in the cost to evaluate the value of senior living. It also helps to review all of the avenues to pay for senior living to help you plan and prepare.

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senior couple looking at senior living options for themselves on a lap top

Phase II: Weighing Your Options

Once you’ve decided that you want to explore senior living communities, it’s time to look at your options. Doing some preliminary research is a great place to start. This can give you a baseline of information to narrow down your list of communities.

How to Talk About Senior Living

Senior living is a decision that impacts the entire family. Learning how to talk about the topic with your adult children can help everyone get on the same page and work towards the same goal: finding the best community for you.

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seniors with family on the couch after discussing senior living options

Phase III: Starting Your Next Chapter

Moving to any new community is both exciting and nerve-wracking. To help you focus on the exciting aspects, we address ways that you reduce the stress.

Tips for Downsizing

Moving from a 2,000-square-foot farmhouse to an apartment can be overwhelming. But donating possessions and finding new homes for heirlooms can be freeing. You just need to properly plan the downsizing process.

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senior couple moving into a retirement community

How to Smoothly Transition To Senior Living

Leaving behind a home full of memories can be bittersweet. But you can make the transition more comfortable by taking some time to prepare.

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Seniors working out in an exercise class at their senior living community

How Can We Help?

At Varenita™, we’re committed to providing relevant solutions for older adults in search of the best environment. Regardless of whether you choose a senior living community or not, we are here for you. Contact us with your questions about senior living.