Senior Living for My Loved One

Here to guide you along the way

Where to Begin: Senior Living for My Loved One

Whenever family members begin to seek out senior living information, it is always from a place of love. You want the very best for your parents and nothing less.

But what does the very best look like, both for your parents and for you?

While the answer is unique to your family, we can help you articulate what the ideal environment looks like. That way, you’ll know when you’ve found it, whether or not that’s at a Varenita™ community.

Making the transition to a senior living community is a process that unfolds at its own pace, and we’re here to guide you along the way.

Phase I: Doing the Research

There are so many things to consider when it comes to a senior living facility that simply getting started can be overwhelming. Here are a few topics that will help you decide if a senior living community is an option you and your family want to pursue.

Is It the Right Time to Move Your Loved One Into a Senior Living Community?

There are a few questions that can help you decide if it’s the right time to move into a senior living community:

  • Has your loved one experienced, or almost experienced, an accident at home, such as a fall or a burn?
  • Do they struggle with self-care tasks, such as getting dressed or doing their hair?
  • Are they socially isolated?
  • Are family caregivers beginning to feel overwhelmed?
  • Has your loved one been diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it might be the right time to move your loved one into a senior living community.

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Varenita Senior Living Community nurse with dementia care resident

Financial Planning for Senior Living

Take some time to understand how the senior living pricing structure works and what is included in the cost. This way, you’ll be able to quickly compare options. Furthermore, you can more fully appreciate the value senior living delivers both to your parents and to you.

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senior couple looking at senior living options for themselves on a lap top

Phase II: Weighing Your Options

Once you’ve decided that senior living is a good choice, it’s time to start looking into the details. Do some basic online research to start. This can help you get a baseline understanding of each community, helping you narrow down your list.

Talking to Parents About Senior Living

One of our favorite tips for adult children is to talk about senior living communities with your parents as soon as possible. Many people don’t begin the process of exploring senior living until something catastrophic has happened and the options are significantly narrowed. You can talk about your concerns, and they can talk about theirs, while everyone has plenty of time to listen and there’s no pressure to move in.

Talking about the benefits of a senior living community helps a lot, too. For example, many aging adults start to think more positively about senior living when they realize they no longer have to worry about tasks such as mowing the lawn or choosing what to make for dinner.

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Senior woman with adult child over her shoulder looking at a tablet and smiling

Phase III: Starting the Next Chapter

You want to do everything you can to make the transition to senior living comfortable and stress-free for your loved one. Here’s how you can help.

Tips for Downsizing

One of the biggest ways you can help your loved one transition to senior living is by taking the lead on downsizing their belongings. While it can feel overwhelming, when you break down the steps, the process starts to feel more effortless. Varenita™ strives to make the downsizing process easier for you and your loved one by offering services and discounts with storage companies.

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senior couple moving into a retirement community

How to Smoothly Transition to Senior Living

Gaining control of the downsizing process can help your loved one ease into their new surroundings. You can take steps as a family member to show your support and  ]make the transition easy.

Choose a community like Varenita™ that cares about your loved one before they have even moved in. We can provide you with a dedicated moving coordinator, free packing, and a handy moving guide that will make the transition much easier.

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Seniors working out in an exercise class at their senior living community

Alzheimer’s & Dementia Resources

Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease are memory impairments that require knowledge and expertise from multiple caregivers to ensure your loved one feels safe, happy, and fulfilled as they age.

At Varenita™, we honor and uplift the aging experience, regardless of the memory challenges your loved one faces. That means including families in care plans.

Understand how memory impairments can affect your parents and family relationships.

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Senior woman with Alzheimer's looking at photo album with nurse

How Can We Help?

During this transitional time, we seek to be a solution for both you and your loved one. Call us or contact us online with any questions you have. Regardless of whether you choose senior living or not, we’re here to help you.