Our dining experiences go above and beyond with delicious, organic cuisine and exceptional hospitality.

No matter your preferences and dietary needs, our talented chef and culinary team have something mouth-watering on the menu. Our varied, delicious entrées are prepared with organic, locally sourced ingredients. In addition, we always have vegetarian, gluten-free, and specially designed dishes available upon request and through coordination with our registered on-site dietitian.


Enjoy an appealing, nutritious meal in the company of friends and family. At Varenita of Westlake, our residents can dine on their own time, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.. We also offer three elegant dining venues that prioritize exceptional service and a welcoming atmosphere.

Share a meaningful moment with friends and family at the North Ranch Dining Room. Our ever-changing seasonal menus mean you will savor something unique as you enjoy our elegant atmosphere.

Get your favorite grab-and-go options at the Mulholland Canyon Bistro. Here you can conveniently choose from a tasty selection of freshly squeezed juices, coffee, sandwiches, drinks, and more.


Our focus on “brain” nutrition.

According to recent research, a Mediterranean-style diet may help reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Our culinary staff at Varenita prepares superb “brain healthy” entrées that incorporate Mediterranean-style ingredients such as fresh fish, whole grains, green leafy vegetables, olives, and nuts.

Staying “brain healthy” at Varenita of Westlake is also a lifestyle. We inspire healthy, meaningful dining by encouraging residents to savor their meals and connect with friends and family as they dine.

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