Join an engaging community where you can pursue new passions and reimagine your senior future.

Pursue new passions and achieve your senior living goals through a wealth of activities at Varenita. Our robust schedule of events and classes encourages every resident to rediscover their interests. Whether learning to paint, taking a yoga class, joining a book club, gardening with friends, or more – shared interests between residents helps them to connect with one another and feel the warmth of community.

At Varenita, our community prioritizes personal growth and deep connections to bring joyful experiences and create a safe space for our residents. Our compassionate team members are always present to offer support where it is needed.

Senior living community residents doing activities


Varenita of Westlake offers engaging wellness activities for residents and their families that foster whole-person wellness.


  • Dance Classes
  • Yoga & Tai Chi Classes
  • Pet Therapy
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Daily Gardening
  • Group Outings
  • Move & Dance
  • Animal Activities
  • Cooking Classes
  • Music & Song
  • Live Concerts
  • Movie & Game Nights
  • Exercise Classes
  • Family Events
  • Guest Speakers

Seniors who live in communities are 2 to 5 times more likely to try out new activities.

As we age, it’s common to feel distant from friends and the activities that bring us joy. Yet, social isolation doesn’t just affect our emotional well-being. According to a 2020 study,** loneliness can have significant physical impacts, leading to a 50 percent increased risk of developing dementia, as well as other health consequences.

At Varenita, we combat loneliness by focusing on building strong community connections. Our intentionally curated calendar of activities, classes, and events gives our residents the opportunity to socialize with others, rediscover their interests, and find a fulfilling sense of purpose – all on a daily basis.

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two senior living community residents dancing together