Senior Living

Choosing Senior Living For Your Parents

Many families turn to assisted living to provide essential care and peace of mind to their aging parents in order to help them stay active and healthy while still enjoying life to its fullest. This is not an easy decision to make, but you can enjoy an easier process when you ask the right questions. While assisted living communities may appear to be the same, there are differences among them. When you consider your parents’ needs, lifestyle and budget, you can find a community, particularly an assisted living community in Simi Valley, that will offer them everything they need to be healthy and happy.

If you’re noticing that your parents could benefit from some assistance, follow our helpful tips below.

Determine What Your Parents Can Afford

Your parents’ finances will determine what senior housing in Ventura County is available to them. Sit down and look over their finances to determine what they can afford on a monthly basis. Then consider the options they have based on this budget.

It’s possible that your parents have long-term care insurance or savings that will help them pay for assisted living. Others will need pull together their resources to such as Social Security benefits, VA benefits, life insurance policies and family home to pay for longer term care.

When you have an idea of what your parents can afford each month, be sure to you have a true comparison for reference. Some communities have attractive pricing but this only includes the room and meals. Others have higher pricing but are all-inclusive. Varenita of Simi Valley, for example, has monthly service fees starting at $5,950 that includes anytime dining, entertainment, weekly housekeeping and laundry, transportation and much more.

Have a Conversation with Your Parents

The next step is to have a conversation with your parents about their transition into senior living in Simi Valley. Sometimes this conversation goes very well. Other times it does not. Remember to be patient during this process and keep the lines of communication open. Have regular discussions about your parents’ preferences and the features and amenities they hope to see in their new home.

We find that aging adults are more open to moving when they are included in the process. However, if your parents are still in denial about their care, you may have to enlist help from a sibling, doctor, therapist or senior living consultant.

Visit or Virtually Tour Retirement Communities in Simi Valley CA

You’ll spend plenty of time looking at websites, brochures, floor plans and videos of senior living communities. But there is no substitute for an in-person or virtual tour of the community. These tours not only allow you to see what the community looks like in person, but they also help your parents envision themselves living there.

If possible, schedule a time when you and your parents can sample a meal. Spend time talking to the staff and residents to get an overall feel for the culture and community. We also recommend looking at a map or driving around the local area. Many active seniors prefer central locations where there are restaurants, pharmacies and shopping a short drive away.

Consider the Best Floor Plan

If both parents are moving together, you’ll want to choose senior housing in Ventura County that can accommodate these needs. Probably the most important aspect is the apartment. Does the facility offer spacious apartments that will allow both parents to live comfortably?

Varenita of Simi Valley has several different floor plans, including the BellaCasa that features two bedrooms and two bathrooms and a generous 1,042 square feet. This floor plan also has a living area and kitchenette. We also have other floor plans that feature one bedroom and one bathroom and 780 square feet.

Prepare for the Transition

Once you and your parents have chosen the right  Simi Valley retirement community, you can start preparing for the transition. Try not to delay the move, as you don’t want to procrastinate when Mom or Dad needs care. Delays can lead to accidents and medical problems that can make it more difficult for a parent to make a successful transition.

Some of the steps you’ll need to take include:

  • Consolidate possessions. Most people need to downsize before they move into assisted living. Help your parents sort through their belongings. Choose what is being passed down to others in the family, what is going to be donated and what is going to go with your parents.
  • Plan for the move. Enlist help for moving day or hire a moving company to do the work. Keep in mind that some assisted living communities in Simi Valley have several floors, which means you’ll need to carry things up and down using the stairs or elevator.
  • Gather all legal documents. Locate all necessary documents, including medical documents, tax returns and other important paperwork. Keep these documents in a safe place so they don’t get lost during the move.
  • Set up technology. Does your parent need a cable package? Are they connected to WiFi? Varenita offers all residents basic cable television and community-wide WiFi. We even have charging ports throughout our community!

When your parents are all moved in, we recommend spending some extra time with them to help them get settled. It won’t be long before they’re making new friends, finding activities they enjoy and building their new life. To schedule a tour of Varenita of Simi Valley, contact us today. Varenita of Simi Valley makes it easy to get in touch and plan a tour of our community at your convenience.  We’d love to show you around so that you can see the joys that await at our assisted living community in Simi Valley.