Join an engaging community where you can pursue meaningful interests and connections.

At Varenita of Simi Valley, there’s something for everyone. We have a robust calendar of activities to choose from. Whether you’re passionate about learning a new language, taking an art or dance workshop, trying a cooking class, or something else – you can pursue it here!

Our active, stimulating environment will encourage you to achieve your senior living goals. Through our holistic wellness philosophy and vibrant sense of community, we inspire residents to reach new heights with their personal growth. And our highly skilled team will motivate you every step of the way so that you receive the support you need to thrive at Varenita.

activities at Varenita of Simi Valley retirement community


Varenita builds enriching, fun experiences for residents and their families. Here you can deepen connections and engage the mind, body, and soul.


  • Dance Classes
  • Yoga & Tai Chi Classes
  • Pet Therapy
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Daily Gardening
  • Group Outings
  • Move & Dance
  • Animal Activities
  • Cooking Classes
  • Music & Song
  • Live Concerts
  • Movie & Game Nights
  • Exercise Classes
  • Family Events
  • Guest Speakers

Older adults are 2 to 5 times more likely to participate in new activities if they live in a senior living community.

Feeling lonely or isolated is far too common as we age. Seniors may meet up with friends less often, stop enjoying their hobbies, and spend most of their time by themselves. This type of social isolation has significant consequences on our health. According to a 2020 study,** it’s linked to a 50 percent larger risk of developing dementia. At Varenita, our residents rediscover joy and purpose through our impressive variety of activities, classes, and events. We specifically design activities to provide intellectual stimulation, encourage meaningful connections, achieve wellness milestones, and more.

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senior couple dancing together at Varenita of Simi Valley retirement community