5 Well-being Boosts

Virtually hosted by Dr. Ayla Donlin
Thursday, November 19  |  2:00 pm

Ayla Donlin WellnessYour emotional health is just a term for how you feel — your overall happiness and well-being. We recognize how important emotional health is to overall well-being. That’s why it’s one of the four key components of our holistic Salus™ philosophy. When you’re always feeling stressed, unhappy, worried or fearful, your emotional health needs some serious attention or your body will start paying the price. Understanding what you can do to significantly improve your emotional well-being isn’t hard when you have advice from an expert like Dr. Ayla Donlin.

Join Dr. Donlin, whose credentials include extensive experience and certification as both a health coach and personal trainer, to learn five simple and enjoyable techniques that make it easy to boost your well-being and happiness. This interactive wellness workshop is sure to leave you feeling calm, focused and energized.