Floreo Club

Flourish with support and empowerment.

Every day, the world is gaining new insights into the onset, causes, progression and, most importantly, the treatment of dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease. Solvere Living is taking a leadership role by thoughtfully putting that knowledge to use in our assisted living and memory care communities.

Our brand-new program, Floreo Club (Floreo is Latin for “flourish”), is designed to help individuals in the earliest stages of dementia – before they require memory care and all other care levels in independent living and assisted living. The Floreo Club is designed to help individuals maintain their independence and create purposeful “moments of joy.” And like everything we do, Floreo reflects – and respects – the story of each person’s life. The Club is led by certified Fit Minds trainers who promote positive cognitive stimulation therapy.

Largely informed by our wellness philosophy, Salus™ by Solvere, our ambitious and holistic approach is committed to increasing quality of life, prolonging current skills, actually strengthening cognitive functioning and managing the often overwhelming emotions that accompany dementia – all within a nurturing club-like setting. We even focus on the power of nutrition to enhance brain function.

Individualized coaching sessions are also available!

The program is organized around the following four principles – each of which guides the day-to-day programming:

  • Cognitive Stimulation Neurobics, sometimes called “cross-training for your brain,” stimulates the brain’s ability to produce natural growth factors called neurotrophins that help fight off the effects of mental aging.
  • Focused Physical Activity Being active has been shown to contribute to cognitive health, so our program features carefully selected exercises, recreation activities, self-care and household tasks.
  • Nutrition Just as what we do can have positive effects on brain activity, so can what we eat. Floreo features a brain-healthy diet that can help maintain brain function and slow memory decline.
  • Customized Programming Everyone’s story is their own, so everyone should have the combination of programs that best suit their individual narrative. For that reason, each Floreo member has his or her own carefully crafted programming, with as much one-on-one care as possible.

Floreo is organized into “clubs” where each individual, whether early stages of memory care, assisted living or independent living, residents receive the customized plan and focused attention he or she needs. This approach is especially essential because memory loss causes a wide range of emotions that are different for each person. Proper care can make a considerable difference in an individual’s condition – and improvement. Below is a sample list of the Floreo Club experience:

  • Support Group
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Individualized Coaching Sessions Available
  • Brain Healthy Snacks
  • Nutrition Education and Cooking Classes
  • Customized Programs Based on Club Members Interests

Join the Floreo Club today at Varenita of Westlake. Request more information through our contact form or call us at (805) 413-3300 for more information on how to join.