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As people become older, their memory might begin to deteriorate because of reduced blood flow to the brain and the reduction of hormones that repair and protect brain cells. A retirement facility that provides memory care is suitable for individuals with a level of memory impairment that makes it unsafe for them to stay all alone, but who don’t need the intensive care of a skilled nursing center. Such a facility provides a safe and secure environment where older adults can receive the particular care they require.

At Varenita, we are a Westlake Village retirement facility that combines physical, mental, and spiritual aspects to make sure that residents can enjoy a full life. Our facilities offer the Valeo by Solvere programming to help improve memory and, therefore, enhance the quality of life. We have staff trained to the highest standards to strengthen our residents’ memories and do it in a compassionate and friendly way.

Qualities of A Good Memory Care Retirement Facility

Here are factors to consider when searching for a retirement facility for your loved one:

  • Good Staff-Resident Ratio

Before choosing a particular retirement facility for your loved one, you should ask about their staff-resident ratio. If there is enough staff, every person will receive the attention and care they need, when they need it. Fewer staff members who have to take care of many residents will not be able to deliver the high level of care required. If you feel that the staff is overwhelmed, it’s best to look for another facility.

  • Trained and Qualified Staff

It’s crucial to find a facility that has staff with the right type of training to take care of your loved one. The staff should be qualified and certified and, where necessary, take part in regular in-service training. When you do a site-visit, ensure that you ask about the training, qualification, and certification of the staff.

  • Cognitive Therapies

An excellent memory care facility should have a variety of treatments to help people struggling with memory loss. Different facilities have various types of therapies. Some include reminiscence therapy, aromatherapy, sensory stimulation, and storytelling. When used together, the different therapies can help reduce incidences of the symptoms and ensure the individual lives a fulfilling life as possible.

  • Individualized Care

Memory loss affects people in different ways and therefore requires different approaches to treatment. One treatment approach may work for a particular resident but not another. Having personalized treatment programs allows the staff to create a plan that suits your loved ones’ unique needs.

Specialized Memory Care

At Varenita, we understand the challenges that one faces when their memory starts to fade. That’s why we provide specialized memory care to make sure our residents live life to the fullest. Our Westlake Village retirement facility staff is trained in a variety of memory therapies. We also have a fitness center where your loved one can work on their balance, strength, and range of motion. If you are looking for a premier retirement facility with memory care for your loved one, call us today on (805) 327-1100.

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