Westlake Senior Retirement Communities

To decide on the health of a loved one is complex, and it becomes even more delicate when there are so many options to consider. You might be browsing and asking around for the best senior retirement community in Westlake. Search no more; you have arrived!

From our incomparable accommodation to the very popular Fitness Center (loved by many), there are a set of reasons why Varenita is the clear choice when looking to provide the most gratifying retirement experience for your senior.

Our core philosophy is the well-being of our members

It is usual to find assisted living facilities in Westlake that deliver the same traditional service with little to no innovation. You do not want your senior to retire in the stagnant boredom that comes with the passive lifestyle many retirement communities offer.

At Varenita's, we care about the mental, physical, and spiritual well-being of our members. That's why we have embraced the Salus™ wellness philosophy, which has, at its core, a holistic wellness platform on which every one of our activities and programs relies on.

Based on more than a decade of research led by Dr. Robert L. Kahn, the Salus philosophy understands our elderly's potential and seeks to enhance their talents.

Innovation and proactivity

One thing that makes everyone at Varenita proud of is the diverse range of activities that are offered. That is the reason why we are ranked among the best senior living communities in Westlake, CA.

We focus on initiatives that intend to provide all the tools necessary for our seniors to succeed in their personal goals, whether personal or social ones. Keeping all the members interconnected through recreation activities and appealing events for all tastes is one of our priorities.

On top of that, we have a state-of-the-art Fitness Center that comes with outstanding and modern equipment managed by our health professionals. The seniors never miss their Yoga, Tai Chi, and Zumba classes!

We are also proud of being one of the few pet-friendly senior retirement communities in Westlake. Nothing is better than the enduring companionship of those little friends!

An intellectual and spiritual approach

Few affordable and senior housing programs in Westlake pay much attention to the mental potential and opportunities when working with our elderly.

Through the Salus™ wellness philosophy, we have understood that having a unique goal and a sense of meaning becomes crucial when retiring. That's why we focus on delivering stimulating exercises that re-ignite memories and help preserve those cognitive abilities. Unlike many other services, we do not give up on the mental enhancement our members can reach.

Fit to all kinds of budgets

Varenita remains at the top of the list for low-income senior housing communities. We understand how financially difficult it can be to place a loved one in retirement. Still, our main goal is to provide a proactive lifestyle full of suitable opportunities for many.

That doesn't stop us from offering some of the nicest floor plans among the senior housing and senior living options in Westlake CA. Our apartments are a perfect combination of modern architecture, comfortable accommodations, and home-like environments.

Contact Varenita for assisted living and memory care done the right way: 805-413-3300.

Westlake Senior Retirement Communities

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