Westlake Recreation Retirement Communities

At Varenita, we take great efforts to ensure that our residents feel safe, happy, healthy, and loved in our community. We are one of the few Westlake recreation retirement communities with a bistro and lounge, comfortable bar, fully-equipped fitness center, theatre, game room, and art studio.

Differences between nursing homes and assisted living communities?

Nursing homes primarily cater to your medical needs and rehabilitation goals. The services offered at a nursing home focuses on helping you lead a pain-free life or helping you get better or maintain a healthy life. Individuals with a complex health condition can benefit from joining a nursing home as it offers skilled nursing services along with rehab treatments like speech, physical, and occupational therapy, etc.

Alternatively, assisted living is for seniors who are not safe living alone or have minor memory loss or mobility issues. An assisted living community looks and feels more upscale, and offers plenty of opportunities to socialize with community members. While residents in a nursing home often share their room with another senior, residents at an assisted living community enjoy more privacy as they get their own apartment or suite. Also, when in a nursing home, the #1 priority is to help you get better, and hence, they may not organize or conduct recreational programs for residents. On the other hand, at an assisted living community, it's all about helping seniors lead a balanced life. As one of the top Westlake recreation retirement communities, we conduct several recreational programs and excursions for our seniors to help them meet their physical, emotional, and social needs.

Recreational activities for the elderly

Physical exercise and recreation are crucial for the elderly to help them maintain a healthy mind and a stress-free life. Senior citizens can experience major changes in their health and are at a higher risk for mental health problems like anxiety and depression. Involving seniors in recreational activities can boosts their self-esteem and keep them engaged, active, and entertained. It also helps improve their mood and promotes optimism in the elderly.

Furthermore, at our retirement community, we organize activities that require our residents to use both their physical and mental skills. It can be anything from playing or learning a musical instrument, to playing intellectual board games, painting, card games, etc. We put a lot of effort into planning these activities as we aim to increase our residents' brain functioning, self-esteem, and cognitive abilities. 

Types of senior care

Seniors with a long-term health problem do not have to lead a lonely and isolated life. They can continue to enjoy quality life in a variety of ways. Common types of senior care include nursing homes, memory care, assisted living, residential care homes, and home care. Of all the available types of senior care, assisted living offers a comprehensive solution to your older adults' physical, emotional, social, and medical needs.

Call us at (805) 327-1100 or visit https://varenita.com/simi-valley/lifestyle/services-amenities/, and one of us at Varenita will reach you shortly. We rank among the top Westlake recreation retirement communities with personalized fitness and wellness programs, beautiful and inviting outdoor patios, grills and dining areas, and spacious community rooms.

Westlake Recreation Retirement Communities

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