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As you grow older, your bone structure changes and that leads to bone loss. When you have low bone mass, you are at a higher risk of a fracture if you bump into something or fall. Bones can become less dense as you grow older due to a sedentary lifestyle, hormonal changes for women, and loss of calcium. If you break a bone, it will take a long time to heal; therefore, it’s crucial to take steps to build stronger bones.

At Varenita, we work with older adults to help them become healthier and stronger using a variety of methods. Our staff believes that you should enjoy your retirement, and you need to have a healthy body to achieve that. We have trained fitness instructors who have a keen understanding of fitness exercises for retired adults. Our Westlake CA retirement communities provide luxury with an emphasis on health and strength for a better quality of life.

Tips for Keeping Bones Stronger as You Age

Here’s what you can do to make your bones stronger:

  • Good nutrition

The food you eat is essential in keeping your bones strong and healthy. Make sure that you include calcium, vitamin K, and vitamin D in your diet. Calcium is crucial for the formation and maintenance of bones. If you have a calcium deficiency, your body will take the calcium it needs from your bones, making them weaker.

Vitamin D ensures the absorption of calcium into your body. Vitamin K is useful in the activation of proteins that enhance calcium absorption in the bones and strengthening your bone structure. Include milk and milk products in your diet as they are rich in calcium. You should also spend a few minutes out in the sun and add cabbage, broccoli, kale, and avocado to your diet as they are rich in vitamin K.

  • Exercise

Regular exercises increase strength, range of motion, and balance. That means when you engage in physical activity; you are less likely to fall and break your leg or any other bone. Exercises like dancing, jogging, running, hiking, and even Tai Chi can enhance your balance as they are weight-bearing exercises. Remember to discuss with your doctor any new training programs to make sure they are safe for you. 

  • Supplements

If you find that your appetite has changed with age, it might be challenging to consume foods rich in all the minerals you need. Instead, you can take calcium, omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamin D supplements to improve your bone strength. Hormonal changes after menopause predispose women to osteoporosis. Taking omega-3 supplements can protect you from osteoporosis and ensure that your bones are strong and healthy.

Join A Health-Oriented Community

At Varenita, our Westlake CA retirement communities focus on making your body and mind healthier. We offer nutritious and delicious meals and great exercise programs. Our staff is dedicated, passionate, and friendly, and they work with older adults to help them enjoy all aspects of their retirement. If you are looking for a retirement community that focuses on your health, call us today on (805) 413-3300.

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