Simi Valley Retirement Community Ca

In the face of COVID 19, Varenita can assure safety and security for all residents. Our private Simi Valley retirement community in Ca continues to implement measures for maximum protection. Do you have someone you want to put in our care? You can enroll your dependant, spouse, or friend knowing we have strict visitation and health safety protocols to minimize risks.

Secure private rentals

The space you rent here is yours. You never have to share unless you invite guests to your accommodation. We have highly trained ancillary workers and housekeepers who clean our rooms daily. Besides keeping your abode hygienic and in order, we have an on-site medical team doing routine health checks every day.

We take precautions to guarantee our residents stay safe. With our security personnel monitoring and tracking visitation, nothing goes unnoticed. How do we approach visitation to prevent COVID 19 community transmission?

  • Provide face masks for visitors
  • Ensure our sales agents wear protective face masks
  • Appointment only visits
  • Screen visitors
  • Provide hand sanitizer for our visitors
  • Maintain physical distancing

Enriching lifestyle for retirees

As a retiree, you want life to be less stressful and complicated. At our luxurious retirement homes, you will lead a fulfilling, complete life as you age gracefully. Whether you have a baby boomer or a dependant of the previous generation, our community options will meet your expectations. Rest assured, your dependant will receive the best level of senior care at our Simi Valley retirement community in Ca.

At our all-inclusive resort community, you will get the daily necessities of life plus extras. Committed to helping you be your best self, we provide an enabling environment with the tools to get you there faster. From our wellness routine to fitness training, you’ll experience complete lifestyle transformation here. With us focusing on clean dieting and healthy nutrition based on your dietary needs, you will have more energy.

Independent senior living

Sometimes, your lifestyle limitations as a senior is an environmental circumstance. Designing our neighborhoods, we are creating opportunities for old folks to experience life without inhibitions. We know fragility can be a difficult hurdle to overcome, so we provide customized options ideally for you.

Of course, our team will guide you every step of the way while allowing you to exercise creative control. Our community restaurants let you dine comfortably and conveniently with your guests. Plus, our vibrant shopping plaza is the perfect scenery to stretch your legs and hang out with your peers.

What are the placement requirements to get one of our homes in the Simi Valley retirement community in Ca? Qualifying for assisted living placement is fast and efficient here. Here at Varenita, we ask that our interviewees specify all their needs so that we can make suitable recommendations. If you have questions about our lifestyle and work ethics, do not hesitate to call support at (805) 327-1100. We arrange reasonable apartment rentals for seniors of all ages and varying levels of functional independence. Discover the possibilities that await you at our luxury retirement homes for the elderly in Ventura County.

Simi Valley Retirement Community Ca

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