Simi Valley California Retirement Community

Varenita is a luxury Simi Valley California retirement community with personalized fitness and wellness programs and comfortable accommodations. We take care of every aspect of your senior/loved one's living arrangement starting from home maintenance and repair to trash removal, appliance maintenance, electric, water, sewer, etc.

Do I need assisted living?

In case of a serious medical condition requiring round the clock supervision, you may need assisted living to ensure your safety. Furthermore, if you are living alone or you are no longer able to prepare your meals, run errands, maintain your home, etc., moving to an assisted living may provide you with stress-free retirement life.

Assisted living may be important if you suffer from memory-related conditions such as Alzheimer's, dementia, etc. Also, if you have issues with mobility, an assisted living community may be the ideal place for you to meet your physical, social, and emotional needs.

Ways to pay for assisted living

You have several ways to pay for assisted living communities. For starters, some life insurance companies buy back your policy for 50-75% of its face value depending upon your age, health, and monthly premiums. You can use such life insurance policies to pay for your stay at an assisted living community.

If you have served in the army and suffered injuries or disabilities, you may be eligible for benefits that you can apply toward the cost of assisted living. Some of the other options include using your annuities, long-term care insurance, family resources, etc., to pay for your stay at an assisted living community. At our Simi Valley California retirement community, we offer concierge services to help you find a way to pay for your stay at our community.

Finding the best retirement community

If you're getting close to your retirement age, you must begin planning your future living arrangements. Here are some of the points to look for in a retirement community:

  • Recreation - Try to find a community that has a great recreation schedule. Assisted living communities that conduct recreational programs offer plenty of opportunities for socialization and keeps you engaged and active. Speak to some of the current residents at the facility to find out if they like the recreation activities offered.
  • Medical care - When you choose a retirement community, make sure to learn about the level of medical care and services they offer. Choose a community that is close to your doctor's office or hospital. Similarly, see if the facility offers round the clock medical supervision, emergency medical services, medications management, etc.
  • Lifestyle - You want to be a part of a community that provides you with the autonomy to live the way you choose. If you wish to have pets with you or if you wish to plant a small garden, make sure to join a facility that allows you to lead a lifestyle that you like.

At Varenita, our team of staff and nursing care assistance work relentlessly to help our residents lead a healthy, safe, and improved quality of life. We are the #1 Simi Valley California retirement community with gorgeous main and private dining rooms, state of the art fitness and exercise equipment, and other fine amenities.     

Simi Valley California Retirement Community

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