Simi Valley Ca Retirement Communities

Are you thrust into an incredibly difficult position to find a comfortable home for your elderly relative, friend, or spouse? You can escape all the nightmarish horrors you often hear about senior living arrangements if you choose Varenita. We invite you to tour our upscale apartments at Simi Valley, CA, retirement communities today.

Holistic senior care

Our communities provide everything for our seniors to live a long, healthy, blissful life, and our holistic approach makes it possible. With our commitment to wellness, our community extends a platform that emphasizes holistic modalities geared towards personal growth. At the nucleus of our approach are our signature Masterpiece Living platform developed on Salus values.

Using this model, we are leveraging science-based research to guide our residents towards a longer, healthier aging process. Valuing each resident's indifference, we spend our days developing and coordinating empowering activities to motivate participation. The inspiration behind our programs is to promote:

  • Connectedness
  • Diversity
  • Engagement
  • Inclusion
  • Individuality
  • Creativity

Healthy nutrition at retirement communities

Salus is only one of many interventions we employ to empower our residents. With a focus on physical, social, intellect, and spiritual wellness, we touch base on several facets of health, including nutrition. Helping residents achieve mental and physical balance, we consider individual dietary needs when creating nutritious meal plans with all-natural wholesome ingredients.

What is more, Simi Valley, CA, retirement communities support local farmers and producers who supply most of our food provisions. Select any of our on-site restaurants or eateries to dine at your convenience. Enjoy multicultural cuisines courtesy of our talented in-house chefs who put an incredible emphasis on health and nutrition. We have Mariposa Bar for healthy appetizers, Golden Oaks serving snacks and coffee, and Manzanita with nutritious cuisines.

Intelligent memory care

Smart and future-forward, our state-of-the-art communities offer revolutionary memory care services. With Valeo, our wellness team provides a one-of-a-kind experience for memory-impaired residents, especially those with dementia and Alzheimer's. Feeling a sense of connectedness, security, safety, and love, all our residents feel at home here.

Providing comprehensive, tailored memory care, our compassionate wellness team assists with everything from housekeeping to managing daily routines. We integrate Valeo into various facets of our memory care experience to ensure residents thrive independently and enjoy meaningful interactions. Valeo promotes:

  • Relationship building
  • Personal growth
  • Cognitive development
  • Connectedness

Family-focused retirement home

Senior living communities are not the same without a stable family structure. Although we establish a solid foundation for healthy, lasting trust relationships, we also espouse the natural family dynamic. Besides, it provides the level of support our memory-challenged renters need.

A bonafide relationship interventionist, we are bringing friends and families together to preserve treasured memories every day. By our intervention, your closest relations will learn how to connect with you on different levels. Breaking relationship barriers, we encourage family bonding and help you forge new friendships.

Eager to board with us? Let our immersive virtual tour of our resort-inspired Simi Valley, CA, retirement communities, help you discover why life here is so inspirational. Call Varenita at (805) 327 - 1100 to find more about our luxury apartment options.

Simi Valley Ca Retirement Communities

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