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When your loved one suffers from dementia or memory impairment, you need to find senior housing in Simi Valley that offers the best care possible. You need a facility that provides professional care for those with dementia or Alzheimer’s. Our assisted living facilities in Simi Valley are unlike most others in the area. We have a memory care community dedicated to helping those with all levels of memory impairment. Our professional team is here to assist you in learning more about our excellent options. Here are just some of the things that set us apart from other senior care facilities.

Salus Wellness Philosophy

We incorporate the Salus wellness philosophy into every aspect of our senior housing in Simi Valley. We believe that every resident has the potential to reach his or her personal goals. We use Masterpiece Living, a cutting-edge program that we incorporate in all aspects of our community. We utilize the greatly successful Valeo memory care program. The program helps memory care residents thrive and enjoy meaningful interactions in our community.

Fully Trained Staff

At our senior housing in Simi Valley, we provide complete training to all staff, including those who provide support functions. Everyone in our company receives training on engaging with those who have dementia and other memory impairments. We use the best methods of memory care possible. We know the best ways to support people with memory loss and work hard to understand our residents' lives. We offer compassion and support in every part of our facility.

Support Team

Support is critical in the care of people with memory loss. Our support team helps residents learn how to cope with memory issues. Also, we encourage the support of family members in helping loved ones. Memory impairment is a spectrum, and it can change as people get older. We provide the critical support that residents need as they navigate these issues.

Connection and Interaction

We support residents with memory impairment by encouraging connections and interactions. We provide opportunities for engagement through groups and individual connections. We take the time to get to know our residents and ensure that they have opportunities to engage as much as they can. We offer programs and activities that are enjoyable.

Memory Care Floor Plans

Safety is a major concern for residents with memory impairment. We are one of the only assisted living facilities in Simi Valley to offer specially designed memory care floor plans. We provide unique places that are safe and secure. Your loved one will feel comfortable and have all the amenities and luxuries they need while living in a safe environment.

Living with memory impairment isn’t easy for residents or their families. It is essential to know that your loved one lives in senior housing in Simi Valley that understands the specific needs and caters to them. We invite you to learn more about our memory care facility and take a virtual tour. This innovative tour offers you the unique ability to view the experiences that dementia patients encounter daily. Contact Varenita for assisted living and memory care done the right way: 805-413-3300.

Senior Housing Simi Valley

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