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Retirement Community Grimes

Retirement Community Grimes

Is retirement something you look forward to? Most people are eager to stop checking into work so they can use their accumulated benefits to travel, find new hobbies and connect with friends from all around the world or even in their vacation home’s neighborhood.

Some people choose to sell their homes and move into retirement homes to be free of worries like rent and maintenance while enjoying the autonomy to explore life. Nursing homes near Grimes, Iowa, offer a scene for you to enjoy your golden years in a vibrant community, with caring staff and adequate resources to get your family the best possible treatment.

Factors that make our assisted living in Grimes exceptional

Affordable lifestyle

The goal of choosing a retirement community is to compress your expenses while giving yourself the ultimate comfort. Therefore, it is essential to us that we encourage a low maintenance lifestyle that still maintains all the qualities of excellent living. Our facility eliminates mundane tasks like washing clothes or raking the compound, so you are free to explore life on your terms. In some cases, we may have to offer regular care to patients who cannot help themselves with bathing, eating, dressing, and other everyday routines.

Our senior living communities in Grimes IA have a vast green compound for you to enjoy a peaceful outdoor walk, light exercises, and team games. The different kinds of facilities in our retirement community in Grimes offer various care options for all kinds of personas.

Increased safety

Most people have a healthy physique and do not need help with personal care or accidents. The thought of an accident is far-fetched because they trust their bodies to be safe in all our spaces.

These perceptions are correct because the home has additional safety features in comparison to living in your home. We offer alert systems that prompt us to respond immediately. Residents with mild to severe health issues can access better 24/7 options when we know all their medical needs; hence you should let us know of all common health issues as you process your admission.

Transportation services

The best nursing facilities in Grimes IA have a reliable transport service to get residents to all their appointments. Moving into Kenny Brook frees you from pesky tasks like oil changes, driving to doctor appointments, or heading to a car wash every couple of days. Our transport services are flexible because you can get around to any location of choice at your pleasure.

Better socialization

Socialization is a top way for people to make life enjoyable. The best part about living in a retirement community gives you an engaging life no matter the time of day. You can always form a book club on a whim or fitness and yoga class with similar-minded peers. Today, active residents in our home have the following opportunities to enjoy coffee meetups, travel clubs, happy hours, and community advisory boards.

Our friendly staff is here to get you acquainted with all services that are fit for your lifestyle. Get in touch today at 515-369-3900 for fast responses on all Grimes nursing homes' queries.  


Retirement Community Grimes
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