Retirement Communities In Westlake

If you have retired parents or grandparents, there’s a lot you can do to help them enjoy retirement, whether at home or in an assisted living facility. Taking care of an older adult includes spending quality time with them, which will go a long way in making them happy and comfortable.

At Varenita, we specialize in making the lives of older adults comfortable in a resort-style establishment. We believe that your parents or other loved ones have worked hard and deserve to retire in luxury and receive all the pampering they can get. Our facilities encourage family visits and are situated close to fancy restaurants so that you can all enjoy fancy dining together. We are among the premier retirement communities in Westlake with a hands-on approach to ensure we deliver exemplary care, service, and memorable experiences in a luxurious setting.

How to Take Care of Older Adults

Here are tips for taking care of older adults:

  • Teach them About the Internet

The internet has made life much easier. You can easily access information from across the globe, work from home, and even talk to people miles away. That said, it has also made retired adults vulnerable to scammers and fraudsters. Take time to talk to your mother, father, or grandparents about the internet and explain how they can identify scams and avoid them.

  • Assist with Their Medication

Many older adults have to take medicine and supplements to keep them healthy. If they have chronic illnesses like diabetes, they need to take their medication regularly and as prescribed. You can assist your retired parents or grandparents by reminding them to take their medication and making sure they have enough medicine. When they run out of medicine, refill their prescriptions.

  • Adjust Your Home

If you live with your retired loved ones, make sure that you adjust your house to make them more comfortable. You can add ramps, install grab rails in the toilet and bathroom, add raised toilets, remove small rugs, and ensure that cables and wires are safely tucked away from walkways. In case your parents are staying at a retirement community, make sure that the building is safe and comfortable for them.

  • Visit Them

Being alone during retirement can make your loved ones feel lonely and depressed. Take time to visit, whether they live in a retirement community or are still at home. You can bring dinner or take them out to a nearby restaurant and catch up. If you cannot visit often, buy them a cellphone so that you can check on them regularly. This will also allow them to call you whenever they need to talk. 

Get Holistic Retirement Care Today

At Varenita, we’re a respectable retirement community in California dedicated to luxury retirement care. Our staff has received all the necessary training to take care of your retired relatives even in an emergency. We offer both physical and mental care with new memory programs, healthy meals, and exercise classes. If you are looking for retirement communities in Westlake, call us today on (805) 413-3300.

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