Memory Care Simi Valley

Varenita offers the best memory care in Simi Valley to adults from all walks of life. Using holistic treatments and alternative care options, our facility stands out as a service provider for the elderly. Dementia, Alzheimer's, and other memory disorders can significantly damper an individual's quality of life.

Varenita has a reputation for offering the best Simi Valley memory care and luxury assisted living facility. Memory care patients deserve compassionate care that focuses on their core needs while engaging the mind's most essential aspects.

Each patient can receive a luxury apartment with a modern design brimming with vibrancy. Patients receive the highest level of memory care in Simi Valley at Varenita because of the interactive care and entertaining elements.

All memory care facilities in Simi Valley, CA, make big promises regarding each patient's happiness. At Varenita, adjusting into memory care assisted living can present difficult challenges for patients to overcome. We can't promise constant states of perpetual joy, but we can promise memory care based on safety and wellness.

Simi Valley Assisted Living and Memory Care Amenities and Incentives

Varenita offers patients a wide range of memory care services and amenities. In addition to daily task assistance, every patient receives household cleaning and laundry services.

Using engagement techniques and social connections, our facility stands as one of the leading Valeo memory care programs. Valeo signature programs are designed to enhance the well-being of patients diagnosed with Alzheimer's or dementia.

Art creation and musical composure are a few creative outlets that residents can access in the Valeo signature program. Several neurological studies show the therapeutic benefits of art and music, such as improved cognitive functions. The Valeo program comes with a legacy kit that holds meaningful items related to the resident.

The patient and their family can showcase each individual's personality and significance, promoting a sense of identity. Caregivers are highly encouraged to participate in legacy kits to reminiscence and start social interactions.

Top of the Line Dementia Care in Simi Valley, California

Travel Times is another program category that offers residents the chance to learn about varying cultures or languages. Travel Times creates the experience of traveling to a different country without ever leaving the facility.

The interactive program connects novel paths within the mind of patients with memory disorders. Culinary experiences related to each native area is another enticing aspect of Travel Times.

Creature Comforts is a program that makes the most of the undeniable bond between animals and people. Scientific research has shown that bonding with animals can lower blood pressure levels, reduce stress, and eliminate severe depression symptoms. Creature Comfort is a pet program that brings dogs, reptiles, cats, and even fish into residents' lives.

VITA Routine Program for Memory Care Patients

At Varenita, we utilize a VITA program that gives structure and a sense of purpose to memory care residents. The wellness team leads memory care residents in singalongs, brainteasers, and emotionally connected conversations. Please call our customer support team at Varenita at 805-413-3300 for assisted living and memory care services done the right way.

Memory Care Simi Valley

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