Luxury Retirement Communities Simi Valley Ca

Is your search for a full-service nursing home in California making you exhausted? Get worry-free accommodation placement at the best luxury retirement communities in Simi Valley, Ca, by Varenita. Want to see what our stylish apartment rentals offer? Let us be your guide as you navigate our virtual tour!

Luxury retirement homes

At our luxury retirement homes, loneliness is never the mood. We entertain our residents with an inspiring itinerary of activities to keep conversations fluent, so there’s never a dull moment. If you have goals you want to achieve, our programs will reignite your passions.

Treat yourself and guests to authentic resort-style dining at Manzanita or Monarch. For refreshments, try Mariposa. It has attractive menu options, where you can choose from a variety of appetizers. Otherwise, you can learn art, music or go on a wellness journey.

Modern community amenities

Here, our high-tech communities provide the latest technologies and state-of-the-art equipment to make life simpler. You can have movie nights out or hang out at our gaming lounge with friends. We make preserving memories hassle-free with our intelligent lifestyle archives. We offer:

  • Intelligent lifestyle legacy booths
  • General/private dining venues
  • Bistro/lounge
  • Spa/salon
  • Smart fitness center
  • Phone charging stations
  • Personalized wellness/fitness programs
  • Gaming lounge
  • Self-catering art studio
  • Theater

Fitness center curriculum

Training without a sense of direction isn’t the safest way to get your body in top shape. At our luxury retirement communities in Simi Valley, Ca, we emphasize structure to help you maximize your potential for quality transformations. With our signature Salus protocol, you will achieve the four core elements of wellness: spiritual, physical, intellectual, and social balance seamlessly. 

Our fitness center provides an enabling environment for you to increase and maintain your strength. We also offer personalized fitness training with a professional instructor. You can participate in group lessons as well. What types of fitness programs do we offer?

  • Yoga
  • Zumba
  • Aerobics
  • Tai chi

Benefits of retirement homes

You can choose to get trained by our expert team or go it alone. Of course, we support you all the way and provide guidance when needed. Depending on your experience level, we will configure our machines to match your pace. We recommend appropriate controlled movements and tailored exercises to help you achieve your functional health goals safely.

Our programs will sharpen your mind and boost your self-esteem while strengthening your core. It helps you refuel your energy to go in pursuit of your aspirations and passions. Also, you will have the stamina and drive to keep up with social life and build long-term relationships.

Let us help you choose the perfect abode at our luxury retirement communities in Simi Valley, Ca. Have questions? Call Varenita office at (805) 327-1100 anytime. We care about your needs and will go the extra mile to give you the life you deserve. Will you require any specialized services? We have the best memory care and senior living solutions to empower you. 

Luxury Retirement Communities Simi Valley Ca

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