Dementia Facilities Simi Valley

Memory care facilities in Simi Valley, California, are abundant due to the town's peaceful ambiance. Still, not all offer the same quality and same services, but any research amount will not clear up the best option available. If you are considering our facility, we can give you a list of reasons why, but instead, we will tell you what makes us different from other care homes for dementia patients in Simi Valley.

Integral Approach

All Simi Valley dementia care facilities will tell you that they care for the patient as a whole, and few will clarify what that means and explain the philosophy behind it. At Varenita, we have a guide for our approach to wellness. Everything in the residence has been designed with our philosophy in mind: Physical, social, intellectual, and spiritual wellness. This holistic care is reflected in both activities offered and our approach to individuals with memory impairments.

The residence is open and bright, filled with natural touches that give it a homey feeling. The fitness program, customized for all, keeps the body active, and other entertainment is available for choosing, as we want content patients like what they do and how they do it.


To choose what you do, where you live, and how to proceed, helps dementia and Alzheimer patients feel more in tune with themselves and gives them stronger will to move forward and improve their lives. 

At Varenita's Simi Valley residential care, we offer the opportunity to choose your apartment, floor plan, dining, activities you participate in, and fitness training. We want our people to feel at home and offer a sense of fulfillment as they can decide for themselves.

 Customized Care

Many facilities give all patients the same treatment, which may result in improvement, but cannot be optimal for all. Every patient is vastly different, so the same treatment will not work, and several adjustments must be made for optimal results. We have a passionate staff that believes in our holistic approach, so they will customize care for every resident as needed, with the supervision of well-trained doctors, so their lives can improve in every way.

Cost and Quality ratio

Base prices always assure the living space, activities, and some health monitoring, while every commodity costs extra, inflating the price that was so attractive. We are the best memory care facilities in Simi Valley, California, for your wallet and wellness. We offer luxury accommodations, beautiful architecture, open spaces with natural light, well-equipped fitness center, state-of-the-art technology, wi-fi, fine dining with different food options made supervised by chefs, well-educated staff available all day, emergency plans, game rooms, lounges, salon and spa with all services and utilities, medical and otherwise, included within the price. To top it off, we offer a variety of monthly payment methods.

Contact Varenita for assisted living and memory care done the right way: 805-413-3300.

Dementia Facilities Simi Valley

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