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The ideal place to settle down is an option-led inquiry with many answers, depending on taste. While the internet gives you a long checklist and many options, it really comes down to a home where you can lead a happy and healthy life.

Ventura County in Southern California is a great place to consider. Simi Valley and their care facilities are a great option if you want a relaxed town.

California as a retirement place may seem odd due to many tales about the busy life lead in big cities, high crime rate, slow services, and such, but many of these are false. For that reason, we provide a list of reasons why choosing Simi Valley to retire is a great idea, what must you look for in your perusal, and why we tick all the boxes and are the best memory care facilities in Simi Valley, CA.


Ventura is just 42 miles from Los Angeles Airport and a mere 25 miles from the Camarillo and Burbank Airport, with freeways that connect to the State Highway and bus lines connecting to the rest of Ventura County and Los Angeles. With all these means of transportation, our Simi Valley residential care facility commute is short and convenient for all living in California. 


The geographical position of Simi Valley allows for a stable climate, with mild weather throughout, warm summers that won’t go above 87°F, and a short winter that won’t drop lower than 46 degrees, making it a comfortable fit for the elderly. In case you are worried about the colder or warmer months, you must review the weather readiness offered in any Simi Valley dementia care center that might interest you. 

Cost of Living

While California has a reputation for being expensive, Simi Valley may surprise you. With World-class events available, closeness to big cities and beach areas, and the small-town way of living, it’s an attractive choice to retire in. Despite this, the average citizen budget is merely 7% higher than the California average, much lower than beach areas and big cities. 

As for memory care facilities in Simi Valley, California, it is important to check prices and what services it includes, taking special attention to activities, dining, medical services, entertainment, and other commodities and services.

Medical attention

Safety is vital, so low crime rates are attractive, and thankfully, Ventura County, and especially Simi Valley, enjoys this benefit. However, being safe and away does not mean away from danger, and the greatest threat for the elderly is medical-related. Very conveniently, the medical services in Simi Valley are top of the line. If you are looking for care homes for dementia patients in Simi Valley, you must check the kind of medical service they offer, in both quality and quantity, such as daily monitoring. Also, beware if these services are included in the fees. 


To strive in a Simi Valley residential care facility, but the community living there must be helpful and supportive to fulfill social wellness. Hence, its openness and philosophy are significant for the residents' experience.

For any doubts about memory care centers in Simi Valley or our residential facility, contact Varenita for assisted living and memory care done the right way: 805-413-3300.

Dementia Care Simi Valley

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