Assisted Living Facility Westlake

Varenita is the best assisted living facility in Westlake, and we provide our residents with a stress-free and comfortable environment. As one of the top-rated assisted living communities in California, we offer our residents with concierge services, health monitoring, emergency response system, and schedules transportation services.

Top 3 things seniors look for in an assisted living community

While living close to your loved one is always the top consideration, there are a couple of other important factors that you need to consider when looking for an assisted living community. Here are the top three things to look for in a retirement community:

  • Community - Try to find out the type of activities the assisted living community offers or conducts, and see if you find these activities intriguing and tending to your specific interests. Also, have a chat with some of the community members to find out if your personality meshes with theirs.
  • Care - If you have any medical issues, be sure to join a facility that supports your health care needs. If you need help with mobility and personal care, be sure to join a facility that offers optional skilled nursing services.
  • Security - It is important to join a community that maintains the highest level of safety standards for its residents.

We are a luxury assisted living facility in Westlake with comfortable accommodations, the best dining options, and spacious community rooms. We also offer rehabilitation services to our residents on-site.

Signs that you may need assisted living                     

If you suffer from a worsening medical condition, or find yourself unable to keep up with the financial responsibilities, consider moving to an assisted living community.

Furthermore, if you suffer from mental health issues like depression or anxiety or feel lonely and isolated, or find yourself unable to maintain your home and prepare your daily meals, moving to an assisted living community may be an ideal option. Most importantly, if living alone puts your safety at risk, it is crucial to move to an assisted living community.

How to choose a retirement community?

If you are open to the idea of moving to another state to retire, decide on the type of climate and weather that you would like. For instance, if you can't stand the cold temperatures, choose an assisted living facility in the warmer states. You must choose a retirement community that falls within your budget.

Sit down with a professional to assess your finances and to help you determine how much you can afford monthly for an assisted living facility. Also, find out as to what type of benefits or insurances you can use to pay for your stay at the assisted living facility. Lastly, if you suffer from a long-term health condition, be sure to look for facilities closer to your specialist's office to make doctor visits more convenient.

Become a part of one large happy family by joining us at Varenita. Residents at our assisted living facility in Westlake lead a superior life quality with plenty of options for socializing and recreation. Call us today at (805) 327-1100.

Assisted Living Facility Westlake

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