Active Retirement Communities In Simi Valley Ca

Varenita Senior Living is one of the best active retirement communities in Simi Valley, CA. Growing older doesn’t mean you still can’t thrive and flourish. A body that stays in physical motion is one that will continue to remain active and healthy. Taking care of yourself starts with being active and social, which is just what you can achieve at Varenita Senior Living.

After working your entire life and raising children, you probably look forward to a luxurious lifestyle where you can relax. Allow yourself the pleasure of someone catering directly to your needs, for a change. At our facility, we offer clean and safe environments for members to meet new people and try new activities. You are never too old to learn something new or try exciting adventures. Daily support and care are there when you need it, and fun and thrills are around every corner.

Promoting Independence and Individual Growth

Even as people grow to be mature, they still are capable of accomplishing individual growth. Our team supports and promotes personalized independence, but we also devise social and care plans to achieve the highest quality of life for each member. Imagine living in a stress free environment with excellent service and care readily available. The peace of mind that you and your loved ones can enjoy will promote assurance and comfort.

 In a soothing setting, you can gather with new people and old friends in luxurious environments. Our memory care and assisted living services allow each community member to experience an enriching lifestyle full of cheer and encouragement. Each member has their own furnished apartment that meets premium quality standards. Let the veil of calmness soothe your soul as you restore your confidence and boost your independence at Varenita Senior Living.

Support to Accomplish a Progressive Quality of Life

At our state of the art facility, we have the ideal location for our members. Multiple local restaurants and shops are within a small radius of our community center. Members can venture out on expeditions with their friends from the living community. Those who are unable to venture out on their own will find the social, emotional, and physical support they need to maintain their livelihood.

Making connections with new friends and companions is possible at any age. With special alarms and safety measures in our memory care facility, all concerns can be put to rest. Our precautions and watchfulness dissolve any need for worry or anxiety pertaining to safety.

Superior Assisted Living for Active Adults

Assisted living for active adults focuses on meeting the social, physical, and spiritual goals of each community member. At Varenita Senior Living, we concentrate on achieving the highest quality of life and wellbeing. Your emotional state matters just as much as your physical state. You can rest assured all of your needs will be met by our staff and team of trained professionals. Each member receives a customized care plan devised with their input and desires. Every facet of our top of the line clinical services is designed to cater to you.

Active Retirement Communities In Simi Valley Ca

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