Active Retirement Communities In Conejo Valley

If you're retired, or getting ready to retire, you may be considering moving to an active retirement community. These communities have a lot of advantages, but there are some questions you should ask, and tips you should follow when looking at active retirement communities in Conejo valley.

What is an active retirement community?

An active retirement community is designed for people who are retired from their jobs but still want to stay active. They can have single family homes, condos or apartments. Sometimes the neighborhoods are gated for added security. They're a very attractive option for older adults because they offer a lot of choices that are designed to make retirement more attractive, healthier and enjoyable than if you lived in a regular neighborhood.

Tips for buying a residence in an active retirement community

Weigh the positives and negatives of buying each housing type.

Before you even start looking at active retirement communities in Conejo valley, think about what's important to you. Make sure you'll be satisfied with your choice. Single family homes offer more privacy, but require more maintenance, although the community may provide that if you're willing to pay extra. On the other hand, Condos require less upkeep, but offer less privacy.

Visit during different times of year.

If you visit active retirement communities in Conejo valley on vacation and love it, visit it again in a later part of the year, like fall or winter, to see what the difference is like. If you don't love it as much then as you did on vacation, you might not like living there year round.

Is the management reliable?

It's important to have a competent, reliable management staff when you're looking into a residential community. Some management teams are great at what they do, but others aren't. Meet the management team and talk to the residents to get an idea what you'll be dealing with. If you'll have to deal with a homeowner's association, make sure you know the advantages and disadvantages of dealing with one.

Know what you need to do.

When you buy into a retirement community, you sign an agreement that states what you can expect from the community and what the community expects from you. There may be rules about where you can and can't park, and decorations you can't use on your home, and how often you have to maintain your lawn.

In addition, some retirement communities have rules about who can live on the property. You may discover that both the husband and the wife need to be at least 55 years old. Other communities doesn't allow kids to live on the property at all.

How can a community discriminate based on age?

There is exception in the fair housing act that's called the "Housing for Older persons Exemption." It allows senior facilities to refuse to sell or rent dwellings to families with minor children.

Learn what the neighborhood is like.

Many retirement communities offer activities for residents. The community may focus on a specific activity while others provide more variety. Look at the calendar of activities to see if there are events you would want to participate in.

These are just some of the steps you need to take when looking at active retirement communities in Conejo valley. When looking at retirement communities, you'll also want to look at the cost of living in the community. You'll need to figure out how much you can afford to pay out of your income. Also consider different locations, and understand what the surroundings are like. If you look into all these things when choosing an active retirement community, you'll find the best one for you.

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