Knowing the Difference Between Age-Related Memory Loss and Cognitive Memory Impairment

Many older adults worry about declining memory and cognitive abilities, as they can be a sign of a serious memory problem and the need for assisted living in Simi Valley. But this isn’t always the case. Mild forgetfulness can also be a result of the normal aging process. If you’ve been having a hard time remembering information, see your general healthcare physician for a thorough evaluation. In the meantime, here are some ways to tell the difference between age-related memory loss and true cognitive memory impairment. Please note that this article is not meant as a diagnostic tool and is

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How to Read the Signs that a Parent Has Dementia

Dementia refers to a collection of symptoms that occurs from brain damage. These symptoms can range in severity and cause impairments in thought, communication and memory. At first, the signs of dementia can be subtle, especially if you don’t see or talk to your parent every day. Over time, however, the symptoms will worsen. Most families come to a point where they need to decide between assisted living or memory care in Simi Valley. Recognizing the early warning signs of dementia will allow you to plan accordingly for the future. How to Tell the Difference Between Age-Related Memory Loss and

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Varenita is Re-envisioning Simi Valley Senior Living

Varenita of Simi Valley believes that your retirement years should be the best ones yet! Our assisted living community in Simi Valley offers the tools and resources to live the life you want. Conveniently located in the heart of Griffin Plaza, Simi Valley’s go-to shopping spot, you’ll have walkable access to a wide variety of grocery stores, pharmacies and restaurants. This allows you to live an independent lifestyle while having the essentials within reach. Not only can you step out into Griffin Plaza, but also you’re just a short drive from the affluent Indian Hills community. Some of our residents

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